stitch is all love. he’s open and friendly. He is highly intelligent, and happy most of the time. He can get real down on himself and that really messes up his forward movement. But when he’s on, there is no stopping him. He helps all his friends at every level. His open heart and gullibleness gets him in trouble, but love always prevails.

teegro is fast as a cheetah and strong as a full grown tiger. He is a protector of the gang. He is also as playful as a cat so he can get distracted easily. A little light or a feather can keep him busy for hours. Bandit knows this and uses it as a weapon.

Draco is a fireball. He’s a loveable dragon with a major anger problem. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and can’t help breathe fire at a given's notice. He tries his best by taking mediation classes and reading selfhelp books, but at the end it’s just easier to blow off steam by setting a couple of his friends on fire.

flash is a spirit from the other side. He is the spirit of entropy and chaos. In contrast, he’s super calm, but can cause havoc with just thinking of a thought. He’s neither good nor bad. He’s on his own, so he’s kind of a wild card. He answers to no one. His purpose is unknown and no one knows when he’s going to show up to cause craziness.

ninjabunny is the dark side of stitch. When things go sour, ninjabunny pops out of nowhere and comes to save the day. He is very agile and can transform the bad guys into frantic little raccoons. Ninjabunny is also very serious. There is not fooling around with him. As soon as the action is over, he’s gone; he means business.